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Blockchain Announcements in Supply Chain, Genomics, IoT, Trade Finance and Bitcoin Futures; More SEC ICO Enforcement

In this issue: • From Cattle to Coffee to Cannabis: Enterprises Continue to Test Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions • Enterprise Report Published, New Pilots Announced for Copyright, Genomics and IoT • Financial Institutions Continue Blockchain Pilots, Physical Bitcoin Futures Launch • SEC Brings Charges for ICO Fraud, DOJ Indicts Hackers, Regulatory Reports Published From Cattle … Continue Reading

Details on Major New Cryptocurrency Announced, Enterprise Pilots and Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Libra Cryptocurrency Plans Released, Crypto Exchanges and Payment Options Expand • Blockchain Ripples Into Incumbent Financial Institutions in the U.S. and Abroad • Blockchain to Enhance Drug and Seafood Supply Chains, Energy and Insurance Sectors • U.S. Enforcement Actions Target Cryptocurrency Fraud Schemes and Darknet Markets • Details Emerge on QuadrigaCX … Continue Reading

Bitcoin Spikes, SEC Issues Token Guidance, Exchange is Hacked, and More

In this issue: • Paying with Crypto: Where to Use Your Crypto and the Recent Surge in its Value • SEC Issues Digital Assets Guidance, Blockchain Regulations Evolve in U.S. and Abroad • South Korean Exchange is Hacked, Canadian Law Enforcement Takes Action, Sanctioned States Continue Cryptocurrency Use • Blockchain Developments for Telecoms, Food Supply … Continue Reading

NY BitLicense Approval, Blockchain for Energy Commodities, CFTC Enforcement, Advertising Use Cases and More

In this issue: • New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments and BAT on Coinbase • Blockchain Platform for Energy Commodities Announced in U.S., Restrictions Ease in Foreign Markets • CFTC and State Securities Enforcement, Litigation Developments and Fraud Schemes • More Blockchain Uses for Digital Advertisers, Software Licensees and Marine Insurers New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments … Continue Reading

Global Blockchain Developments in Enforcement, Payments, ICOs and Enterprise

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Enforcement Actions Continue Across the Globe • Multiple Blockchain Announcements for Asset-Backed Tokens, Payments and Exchanges • Lawmakers Seek Clarity on ICOs as New Research Is Published • Enterprise Developments: Blockchain Interoperability, Supply Chain, Identity and More Cryptocurrency Enforcement Actions Continue Across the Globe By: Panida A. Pollawit  On Friday, … Continue Reading

Risk and Regulation in AML/Tax, ICO Scrutiny, Provenance POCs

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Global Regulations Tighten as Financial Crime Risks Intensify • Global Tax Regimes Evolve With Varied Perspectives as Market Seeks Clarity • Latest Trends for ICOs: Success Rate and Government Scrutiny of ICO Scams • Blockchain Piloted to Trace Food, Art and Diamonds to Their Origins Cryptocurrency Global Regulations Tighten as … Continue Reading

Governments, Ad Industry Explore Use Cases; Blockchain Firms Seek Financial Licenses

In this issue: • Governments Experiment With Blockchain for Elections, Banking and Visa Applications • Advertising, Entertainment Industries Continue Investment in Blockchain • Changing Approaches to Crypto Regulatory Licensing Governments Experiment With Blockchain for Elections, Banking, and Visa Applications By: Panida A. Pollawit Governments around the world are seeking to harness blockchain to improve the … Continue Reading