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Crypto Trust to Become Bank, FinCEN Comment Period Extended, Navy Awards Blockchain Contract, Dark Market Seized, Illicit Exchange Owner Sentenced

In this issue: • Crypto Trust to Convert to Bank, FinCEN Extends New Rule Comment Period • Bitcoin Firms List on Public Markets, Japan Diverges from SEC on XRP Status • Navy Contracts for Blockchain Solution, SSI Report and Market Data Published • Enforcement Actions Target Dark Web Market and Illicit Crypto Exchange Crypto Trust … Continue Reading

NY DFS Approves New Stablecoin Co., Blockchain Data Solutions Announced, New Cryptocurrency Regulatory and Enforcement Actions in U.S. and Abroad

In this issue: • NY DFS Approves New Stablecoin Company, Crypto Financial Products Continue Growth • Blockchain Used To Enhance Auto Geofencing and Combat Whiskey Fraud • US Financial Regulators Continue Crypto-Focused Regulatory Proposals • OFAC Settles With Crypto Custodian; Enforcement Actions in UK, Italy, Iran NY DFS Approves New Stablecoin Company, Crypto Financial Products … Continue Reading

Telegram: Deconstructing One of the Biggest Blockchain Cases of 2020

The Telegram case is arguably the most important case of 2020 involving the legal classification of blockchain-based digital assets. Because it is often cost-prohibitive for companies to challenge the government in court, the Telegram litigation offered a unique opportunity for the parties to present arguments on several complex legal issues. Given the lack of judicial … Continue Reading

Traditional and Crypto Firms Across Globe Launch New Initiatives, UN Designs Blockchain Land Registry, Privacy Wallets Spark Debate, Crypto Enforcement Continues

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Firms and Legacy Financial Instituadingtions Worldwide Make Crypto Moves • Traditional and Crypto Firms Partner to Launch Tokenized Stocks and Other Products • UN Designs Blockchain Land Registry; Solutions Address Supply Chain, Energy Efficiency • Crypto Privacy Wallets Spark Debate, Blockstack Says STX Will Shed Security Status • U.S. and … Continue Reading

US Credit Card Company to Integrate USDC, SEC No-Action Letter Addresses ERC20 Token, Tax Bodies Address Crypto, US and State Enforcement Continues

In this issue: • Credit Card Company to Integrate USDC Payments, 401(k) Advisor Integrates Bitcoin • SEC Issues No-Action Letter on Digital Assets, Second Addresses ERC20 Token • FinHub Role Expands, Foreign IPO and Lending Service Integrates Crypto • Tax Bodies Address Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges React to Evolving Landscape • US and State Enforcement Agencies Take … Continue Reading

Major U.S. Firm Offers Cryptocurrency Services, Blockchain Solutions Launch Across Industries, CFTC Issues Crypto Guidance, FinCEN Fines Tumbler Service

In this issue: • Major U.S. Payments Firm Launches Cryptocurrency Service as Adoption Grows • Blockchain Supply Chain, Copyright and Satellite Comms Solutions Launch • CFTC Guidance Addresses Crypto Deposits, Travel Rule White Paper Published • Arrests Target Criminal Network Using Crypto, FinCEN Fines Tumbler Operator Major U.S. Payments Firm Launches Cryptocurrency Service as Adoption … Continue Reading

SEC Wins Case Against Kik and Adds Precedent for Digital Assets

On Sept. 30, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York granted the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) motion for sum mary judgment against Kik Interactive Inc. (Kik) and denied Kik’s cross-motion for summary judgment. As we previously reported, the SEC challenged Kik’s compliance with the federal securities laws in … Continue Reading

Blockchain and Crypto Initiatives Launch in Foreign Markets, Guidance Issued on Ransomware and Crypto Derivatives, DOJ Indictment Alleges Crypto Tax Evasion

In this issue: • Crypto Initiatives Launched by Foreign Banks, Exchanges, Apps, Gaming Firms • New Guidance on Ransomware, Crypto Derivatives; Crypto Tax Report Published • DOJ Charges Allege Crypto Tax Evasion, Interpol Cites Crypto Privacy Threats Crypto Initiatives Launched by Foreign Banks, Exchanges, Apps, Gaming Firms By: Robert A. Musiala Jr. According to a … Continue Reading

IRS Addresses Crypto Micropayments, Blockchain Shipping Platforms Expand, DOJ Ties North Korea Crypto Hacks to Chinese Traders, FBI Thwarts Plot Involving Bitcoin Bribe

In This Issue: • IRS Addresses Taxing Crypto Received in Microtasks, Swiss Enable Crypto Payments • Blockchain Shipping Platforms TradeLens and ShipChain Expand Networks • North Korean Crypto Hacks Laundered by Chinese; Crypto Compliance Tools Launch • FBI Thwarts Plot Tied to Bitcoin Bribe, Ethereum Classic Suffers 51% Attack IRS Addresses Taxing Crypto Received in … Continue Reading

Crypto Payment Products Show Gains, Blockchain Initiatives Announced for COVID-19 Data, Regulators Consider Blockchain Issues, Ethereum Classic Suffers 51% Attack

In this issue: • Announcements Provide Details on New Cryptocurrency Payment Products • Blockchain Use in COVID-19 Data, Food, Beverage Bottles and Wine Supply Chains • Regulators Consider Blockchain Issues in Tax, Banking, Securities and State Services • DOJ Targets Hackers and Darknet Vendors, Ethereum Classic Suffers “51% Attack” Announcements Provide Details on New Cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

Blockchain Payments Reports Published, Coffee and Shipping Industries Adopt Blockchain, SEC and CFTC Charge Blockchain App, Bitcoin Used in Social Media Hack

In this issue: • Monetary Authority of Singapore and World Bank Publish Blockchain Payments Reports • U.S. Coffee Brand and Foreign Shipping Ports Initiate Blockchain Solutions • SEC/CFTC Charge Blockchain App, DOJ Charges Allege Crypto Fraud Related to PPP • Hackers Use Bitcoin in Social Media Fraud, Research Highlights Crypto Threats Monetary Authority of Singapore … Continue Reading

New York Appellate Court Confirms Attorney General’s Broad Investigative Powers into the Cryptocurrency Industry

On July 9, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, First Department (First Department) issued a significant decision in James v. iFinex that confirmed the broad authority of the New York State Attorney General (NYAG) to investigate potential fraud. The decision is significant because it is the first appellate decision to apply … Continue Reading

Blockchain Solutions Announced, U.S. Fund Announces Digital Securities, FATF Issues Crypto Reports, U.S. Court Addresses Bitcoin Privacy, Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Blockchain Solutions Announced in Auto, Shipping, Medical and Aid Sectors • Fund Issuing Digital Securities Obtains SEC Registration, Bitcoin ETP Lists on Xetra • FATF Issues Crypto Reports, U.S. Court Addresses Bitcoin Transaction Privacy • Crypto Enforcement Actions Continue by SEC, CFTC, State and Foreign Agencies Blockchain Solutions Announced in Auto, … Continue Reading

Canada’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Found to Have Operated Like a Ponzi Scheme

On June 11, 2020 the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), one of Canada’s provincial securities regulators, issued a report finding that QuadrigaCX (Quadriga), which went into bankruptcy a few months after founder and CEO Gerald Cotten was reported to have died in India, “was an old-fashioned fraud wrapped in modern technology.”[1] The report, dated April 2020, … Continue Reading

U.S. Air Force Explores Blockchain, Global Blockchain Survey Published, Crypto Debit Card Launches, Compliance Initiatives Announced, Quadriga CX Report Published

In this issue: • U.S. and Australia Explore Blockchain Solutions, Global Blockchain Survey Published • U.S. Cryptocurrency Debit Card Launches, Gaming Firm Announces Token Initiative • SEC and Industry Promote Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Blockchain Market • OSC Issues Report Finding QuadrigaCX Operated Like a Ponzi Scheme U.S. and Australia Explore Blockchain Solutions, Global Blockchain … Continue Reading

Blockchain Identity Solutions Advance, Federal Reserve and Financial Regulators Address Blockchain, Crypto Institutional Survey Published, US and Foreign Enforcement Actions

In this issue: • Fish Producer Joins Food Trust, Blockchain Identity Solutions Advance in UK and US • Federal Reserve, CFI, OCC and NY DFS Address Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies • Institutional Cryptocurrency Survey Published, Bitcoin ETP Seeks to Launch in Germany • Accounting Firms and Government Agencies Seek to Acquire Blockchain Analytics Tools • U.S. … Continue Reading

Solutions Announced in Pharma, Energy and Food Industries, Digital Dollar Project Launches, France Approves Second ICO, Major Crypto AML Report Published

In this issue: • Blockchain Solutions Launch in Pharma, Energy and Food Industries • Digital Dollar Project Launches, Cryptocurrency Focused Bank Receives Investment • French Regulator Approves ICO, New Token Standards Body Launches • DOJ and SEC Continue Prosecuting Crypto Crimes, CipherTrace Issues AML Report Blockchain Solutions Launch in Pharma, Energy and Food Industries By: … Continue Reading

Crypto Payment Products Target Foreign Markets, Blockchain Enterprise Solutions Launch, Private Lawsuits Target Crypto Firms, Major Mining Malware Attack Detected

In this issue: • Payments Evolve: USD Stablecoin Accounts for Latin America and Crypto Debit Cards • Blockchain Initiatives Launch for Food Supply Chain and Intercompany Transactions • Crypto Trade Group Meets With SEC, FinCEN Director Addresses Cryptocurrencies • Private Litigants Continue to Target Major Blockchain Industry Companies • Reports Detail Major Crypto-Mining Malware Attack, … Continue Reading

SEC and Kik Present Competing Arguments on Application of Securities Laws to Blockchain Tokens

On May 8, 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Kik Interactive Inc. (Kik) finished briefing their cross motions for summary judgment, which were previously filed on March 20, with opposition briefs filed on April 24. The briefing totals more than 400 pages of arguments by the parties in the SEC’s court challenge … Continue Reading

Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, Major US Bank Opens Accounts for Crypto Exchanges, DOD Awards Blockchain R&D Contract, IRS Enlists Crypto Contractors

In this issue: • Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, Ether Futures Launch, Crypto Funds Report Published • Major US Bank Opens Accounts for Crypto Exchanges, Trade Finance Solution Expands • Seafood Value Chains and DOD Data Integrity: Blockchain Enterprise Developments • Telegram Cancels TON Blockchain, IRS Enlists Contractors to Evaluate Crypto Taxes Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, … Continue Reading

FDA Blockchain Report Released, Crypto Fund Launched, Blockchain Trading Platforms Developed, Crypto Payment Firms Make Announcements, Bitcoin Mining Map Published

In this issue: • FDA DSCSA Blockchain Pilot Report Released, Consortium Formed for Energy Grids • New Crypto Funds, Crypto Broker-Dealer Applications, Blockchain Securities Clearing • Libra Association Hires CEO, Crypto Payments Firms Report Growth and Gain Licenses • Bitcoin Network Difficulty Increases Prior to ‘Halving,’ Bitcoin Mining Map Published FDA DSCSA Blockchain Pilot Report … Continue Reading

Digital Asset Platforms Evolve, Token Models Confront Complexities, WEF Issues Blockchain Toolkit, Foreign Crypto Crimes Uncovered, AML Solution Launched

In this issue: • Digital Asset Marketplaces Evolve in US, Japan and Switzerland • Blockchain Token Models Confront Legal Complexities in US Filings and Court Cases • WEF Issues Blockchain Toolkit, New Enterprise Solutions Announced • Foreign Police Uncover Crypto Crimes, Analytics Firm Launches AML Solution for Banks • Tether Mints 160 Million USDT as … Continue Reading

CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures, Crypto Initiatives Launch, Blockchain Traceability and Energy Solutions Deployed, South Africa and Singapore Issue Regulations

In this issue: • CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures and Prosecutes Fraud, Amicus Brief Filed in Kik Case • Emerging Blockchain Payment and Crypto Custody Solutions Announce New Milestones • Blockchain Solutions Deployed in Egg Traceability, Energy Trading and Mobility Services • South Africa and Singapore Issue New Cryptocurrency Policies and Regulatory Guidance CFTC Approves Bitcoin … Continue Reading

Bitcoin and Blockchain Products Launch in Financial Products and Data Management, Reports Address Crypto Regulatory Risks, Agencies Warn Against New Scams and Hacks

In this issue: • Bitcoin and Blockchain Financial Products Launch in Public Funds, Commodities, Debit Cards and Mining “Hash Contracts” • New Initiatives Leverage Blockchain for Records Management and Data Provenance • Reports Address Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities Involving Crypto Assets • FBI and Philippines SEC Issue Crypto Scam Warnings, New Hacking Methods Reported Bitcoin … Continue Reading