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Blockchain Announcements in Supply Chain, Genomics, IoT, Trade Finance and Bitcoin Futures; More SEC ICO Enforcement

In this issue: • From Cattle to Coffee to Cannabis: Enterprises Continue to Test Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions • Enterprise Report Published, New Pilots Announced for Copyright, Genomics and IoT • Financial Institutions Continue Blockchain Pilots, Physical Bitcoin Futures Launch • SEC Brings Charges for ICO Fraud, DOJ Indicts Hackers, Regulatory Reports Published From Cattle … Continue Reading

New FinCEN Guidance for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Businesses

On May 9, 2019, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) published FIN-2019-G001, which provides new guidance on the application of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and FinCEN regulations to money services businesses that engage in money transmission involving convertible virtual currencies. While stating that it “does not establish any new regulatory expectations or requirements,” the … Continue Reading

New Blockchain Solutions Announced Across Industries, Multiple Crypto Enforcement Actions Announced Across Jurisdictions

In this issue: • Banks Announce Blockchain Initiatives, Stablecoins Launch, France Passes New Law • Reports Detail Blockchain Solutions Across Industries, Provide New Data on Growth • New Reports Provide Details on Hacks, Ransomware and Criminal Use of Bitcoin • Enforcement Actions Involving Cryptocurrency Continue in US and Abroad • New York Attorney General Announces … Continue Reading

New Blockchain Payments Solutions, Business Applications, Investor Opportunities, Regulations and Malware Attacks

In this issue: • New Blockchain Payments Solutions Announced for Banks, Merchants and the Unbanked • Cryptocurrency Investors Bullish on New Opportunities Despite Risk and Uncertainty • Blockchain Applications Advance in Food Production, Transport, Recordkeeping, Contracting and Voting • Public and Private Sector Entities Address Blockchain Regulatory Environment • Cryptocurrency Threat Actors Attack Cloud Infrastructure, … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Supply Chain, IDs, Financial Products, UN Warnings, Regulator Actions

In this issue: • New Blockchain Solutions Seek to Secure Tuna, Ports, Identity and Communications • Institutional Crypto Products and Blockchain Infrastructure Pilots Announced • Crypto Regulators Display Flexibility, Enforcement Agencies Flex Muscle • UN Addresses North Korea Crypto Hacks, Storage and Stablecoin Vulnerabilities Reported New Blockchain Solutions Seek to Secure Tuna, Ports, Identity and … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Bitcoin ATMs, Token Listings, Voting Pilots, Shipping Competition, Global Enforcement, Tax and More

In this issue: • NY DFS Grants License to Bitcoin ATM Operator, Exchanges Make Announcements • Capital Markets Developments in Regulatory Guidance, Value of ICO Offerings and Banking • Blockchain Pilots for Voting and Supply Chain, Global Shipping Business Network Challenges TradeLens • Multiple Enforcement Actions in US and Abroad Seek to Quell Blockchain Industry … Continue Reading

Blockchain Continues to Disrupt Banking, Capital Markets, Enterprise … and Crime

In this issue: • New Blockchain Solutions Emerge in Banking, Trade Finance and Payment Processing • More Blockchain Enterprise Solutions Announced • Blockchain Continues Heavy Influence on Capital Markets • Update on Cryptocurrency Cybercrimes and Enforcement Actions New Blockchain Solutions Emerge in Banking, Trade Finance and Payment Processing By: Robert A. Musiala Jr. Blockchain continues … Continue Reading