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Blockchain Payments Reports Published, Coffee and Shipping Industries Adopt Blockchain, SEC and CFTC Charge Blockchain App, Bitcoin Used in Social Media Hack

In this issue: • Monetary Authority of Singapore and World Bank Publish Blockchain Payments Reports • U.S. Coffee Brand and Foreign Shipping Ports Initiate Blockchain Solutions • SEC/CFTC Charge Blockchain App, DOJ Charges Allege Crypto Fraud Related to PPP • Hackers Use Bitcoin in Social Media Fraud, Research Highlights Crypto Threats Monetary Authority of Singapore … Continue Reading

Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, Major US Bank Opens Accounts for Crypto Exchanges, DOD Awards Blockchain R&D Contract, IRS Enlists Crypto Contractors

In this issue: • Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, Ether Futures Launch, Crypto Funds Report Published • Major US Bank Opens Accounts for Crypto Exchanges, Trade Finance Solution Expands • Seafood Value Chains and DOD Data Integrity: Blockchain Enterprise Developments • Telegram Cancels TON Blockchain, IRS Enlists Contractors to Evaluate Crypto Taxes Bitcoin Fund Completes Offering, … Continue Reading

CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures, Crypto Initiatives Launch, Blockchain Traceability and Energy Solutions Deployed, South Africa and Singapore Issue Regulations

In this issue: • CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures and Prosecutes Fraud, Amicus Brief Filed in Kik Case • Emerging Blockchain Payment and Crypto Custody Solutions Announce New Milestones • Blockchain Solutions Deployed in Egg Traceability, Energy Trading and Mobility Services • South Africa and Singapore Issue New Cryptocurrency Policies and Regulatory Guidance CFTC Approves Bitcoin … Continue Reading

Bitcoin and Blockchain Products Launch in Financial Products and Data Management, Reports Address Crypto Regulatory Risks, Agencies Warn Against New Scams and Hacks

In this issue: • Bitcoin and Blockchain Financial Products Launch in Public Funds, Commodities, Debit Cards and Mining “Hash Contracts” • New Initiatives Leverage Blockchain for Records Management and Data Provenance • Reports Address Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities Involving Crypto Assets • FBI and Philippines SEC Issue Crypto Scam Warnings, New Hacking Methods Reported Bitcoin … Continue Reading

Token Litigation Cases Reach Milestones, Stablecoins and CBDCs Gain Attention, CFTC Approves Guidelines for ‘Actual Delivery’ of Virtual Currency

In this issue: • Telegram, Kik and Tezos Cases Reach Milestones in Blockchain Token Litigation • Stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies Gain Attention • CFTC Approves Guidelines for Delivery of Virtual Currencies, Web Browser Integrates Cryptocurrency Trading Telegram, Kik and Tezos Cases Reach Milestones in Blockchain Token Litigation By Teresa Goody Guillén and Robert … Continue Reading

New US Exchange Launches, India Court Rules in Favor of Crypto Exchanges, OFAC Adds 20 Bitcoin Addresses, DOJ Charges Chinese Nationals for Crypto Money Laundering

In this issue: • Exchanges Expand in US and Gibraltar; India Supreme Court Ruling Favors Industry • Crypto Custody Report Published, Power Plant Installs Mining Operation • 20 Bitcoin Addresses Added to OFAC List, DOJ Charges Detail $100 Million Crypto Hack • SEC Charges Actor Steven Seagal With Unlawful Touting of a Digital Asset Offering … Continue Reading

Institutional Blockchain and Crypto Adoption Continues, New Supply Chain and Patent Applications, Foreign Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Hacked

In this issue: • New Capital Market Offerings and Solutions Launch, Courting Institutional Investors • NY DFS Grants New License, Stablecoin Debate Continues, Crypto Mining Reports Issued • New Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions and Patent Applications Announced • Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked, Crypto-Mining Malware Detected, Ethereum Developer Arrested New Capital Market Offerings and Solutions Launch, Courting … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots from US Treasury, Seafood Providers, Voting Systems; Global Regulators Address Stablecoin Risks

In this issue: • US Treasury Announces Blockchain Pilot, Major Bitcoin Mining Facility Launches in Texas, Foreign Crypto Exchange Developments • More Blockchain Solutions for Food Safety and Telecom; Utah Voting Pilot Expands • Regulators Address Stablecoins, CFTC and IRS Rules; Telegram Network Postponed • New Crypto-Mining Malware Discovered in Audio Files US Treasury Announces … Continue Reading

Blockchain for Beer Advertising and the Air Force, DOJ Tackles Crypto Crimes, More Payment Initiatives Announced

In this issue: • Blockchain Applications for Beer Advertising, Hotel Booking and the U.S. Air Force • Traditional and Emerging Blockchain Payments Firms Receive Licenses, Complete Pilots • Multiple Enforcement Actions Against Crypto Crimes, Order Issued in Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit • Hackers Wreaking Havoc in the Crypto Space Blockchain Applications for Beer Advertising, Hotel Booking … Continue Reading

Crypto and Blockchain Markets Signal Growth Amid Regulator Skepticism, Hacks and Sanctions Warnings

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Obtain New Licenses Across Globe Amid Market Growth • Corporations Continue New Blockchain Pilots, New Market Projections Released • Libra Faces Skepticism, Virtual Commodity Organization Launches, French Law Set to Take Effect • Exchange Hacked, Analysts Warn on Sanctions, Miners Targeted in Iran and China Cryptocurrency Exchanges Obtain New … Continue Reading

New Blockchain Solutions Debut Amid Enforcement Actions, New FinCEN Guidance and Warnings of ‘Blockchain Fatigue’

In this issue: • Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain and Digital Identity Announced Despite Predictions of ‘Blockchain Fatigue’ • Blockchain Capital Markets Diversify Amid ICO Slumps; Regulators Issue New Warnings • FinCEN Issues Guidance, SIM Hackers Charged, Bitcoin Ransomware Traced to Sanctioned Countries Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain and Digital Identity Announced Despite Predictions of … Continue Reading

Exchanges Going Live, Supply Chain Initiatives Advance, Threats Continue as Arrests Target ‘Shadow Banking’

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Move Closer to Live Trading, New Stablecoins Announced • New Blockchain Initiatives Targeting Enterprise Use Announced • DoJ Arrests Operators of ‘Shadow Banking Services,’ Regulators Warn of Scams • Cyberattacks Target Cryptocurrencies, Threat Actors Employ Crypto Techniques • Tax Analysis: New Crypto Tax Tools Available, New Disclosure Category Added … Continue Reading

New Blockchain Solutions Announced Across Industries, Multiple Crypto Enforcement Actions Announced Across Jurisdictions

In this issue: • Banks Announce Blockchain Initiatives, Stablecoins Launch, France Passes New Law • Reports Detail Blockchain Solutions Across Industries, Provide New Data on Growth • New Reports Provide Details on Hacks, Ransomware and Criminal Use of Bitcoin • Enforcement Actions Involving Cryptocurrency Continue in US and Abroad • New York Attorney General Announces … Continue Reading

Bitcoin Spikes, SEC Issues Token Guidance, Exchange is Hacked, and More

In this issue: • Paying with Crypto: Where to Use Your Crypto and the Recent Surge in its Value • SEC Issues Digital Assets Guidance, Blockchain Regulations Evolve in U.S. and Abroad • South Korean Exchange is Hacked, Canadian Law Enforcement Takes Action, Sanctioned States Continue Cryptocurrency Use • Blockchain Developments for Telecoms, Food Supply … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots Announced, Global Laws Evolve, Exchanges and Payment Processors Make News, Enforcement and Threats Continue

In this issue: • New Blockchain Projects Announced in Supply Chain and Digital Identity • Blockchain Legal Frameworks Continue to Evolve in the US and Abroad • Headlines From Bitcoin Payment Processors, Decentralized Exchanges and Tokenized Real Estate • More Guidance on ICO Tokens as Securities, Crypto Fraud and Hacked Bitcoins Returned • Cryptocurrency-Related Crime … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Bitcoin ATMs, Token Listings, Voting Pilots, Shipping Competition, Global Enforcement, Tax and More

In this issue: • NY DFS Grants License to Bitcoin ATM Operator, Exchanges Make Announcements • Capital Markets Developments in Regulatory Guidance, Value of ICO Offerings and Banking • Blockchain Pilots for Voting and Supply Chain, Global Shipping Business Network Challenges TradeLens • Multiple Enforcement Actions in US and Abroad Seek to Quell Blockchain Industry … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Payments, Capital Markets, Enterprise and Patents

In this issue: • Payments and Capital Markets Blockchain Developments Continue to Progress • Industry and Government Continue to Champion Blockchain Pilots • Newly Released List Ranks Companies with the Most Blockchain Patent Filings Payments and Capital Markets Blockchain Developments Continue to Progress By: Jonathan D. Blattmachr This week saw several blockchain-related developments in the payments … Continue Reading

New Investments and Capital Markets Products, New Crimes and Enforcement Actions

In this issue: • Capital Markets Firsts for Blockchain Include Bonds, Security Tokens, Exchange Traded Notes • Cryptocurrency Cybercrimes and Enforcement Actions Continue • Blockchain Investment Continues as Businesses Expand Operations  Capital Markets Firsts for Blockchain Include Bonds, Security Tokens, Exchange Traded Notes By: Jaime B. Petenko According to an Aug. 10, 2018, press release, … Continue Reading

Buying Coffee with Bitcoin, Tracking Ships with Blockchain, Fighting Financial Crimes and Litigating ICOs

In this issue: • New Solutions Seek to Bring Cryptocurrencies Closer to Mainstream • Blockchain Developments for Shipping, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Diamonds • Cryprocurrency Scams and Enforcement Actions Perpetuate Uncertainty • Analysis: Tezos Securities Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss New Solutions Seek to Bring Cryptocurrencies Closer to Mainstream By: Jaime B. Petenko This past … Continue Reading