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Capital Markets Integrate Crypto and Blockchain, New FATF Guidance, US City Pays Bitcoin Ransom and More

In this issue: • CFTC Approves Bitcoin DCM, New Bitcoin ETF Proposed, Crypto IRA and Blockchain Depository Receipts Introduced • Fintech Companies Expand Cryptocurrency Gateways, Analysis of Kin Token Published • FATF Releases New Cryptocurrency Guidance, International Arrests in Crypto Crimes • Exchange Hacks, US City Pays Bitcoin Ransom, Fraudulent Libra Sites Emerge CFTC Approves … Continue Reading

Details on Major New Cryptocurrency Announced, Enterprise Pilots and Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Libra Cryptocurrency Plans Released, Crypto Exchanges and Payment Options Expand • Blockchain Ripples Into Incumbent Financial Institutions in the U.S. and Abroad • Blockchain to Enhance Drug and Seafood Supply Chains, Energy and Insurance Sectors • U.S. Enforcement Actions Target Cryptocurrency Fraud Schemes and Darknet Markets • Details Emerge on QuadrigaCX … Continue Reading

New Data and Analysis on Crypto-Assets, Blockchain Enterprise Announcements, Various Cryptocurrency Hacks Reported

In this issue: • New Developments and Research on Crypto-Asset Market Activities • Blockchain Developments in Supply Chain, Patient Data and Energy • New Hacks, Old Hacks, Preventive Hacks and the World’s Largest CoinJoin New Developments and Research on Crypto-Asset Market Activities By: Robert A. Musiala Jr. According to data from Bitcoinity, in May 2019, … Continue Reading

Exchanges Going Live, Supply Chain Initiatives Advance, Threats Continue as Arrests Target ‘Shadow Banking’

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Move Closer to Live Trading, New Stablecoins Announced • New Blockchain Initiatives Targeting Enterprise Use Announced • DoJ Arrests Operators of ‘Shadow Banking Services,’ Regulators Warn of Scams • Cyberattacks Target Cryptocurrencies, Threat Actors Employ Crypto Techniques • Tax Analysis: New Crypto Tax Tools Available, New Disclosure Category Added … Continue Reading

Supply Chain Pilots Advance, Bitcoin Decentralization Improves, Hacks Continue, Foreign Regulations Evolve

In this issue: • Blockchain Pilots for Supply Chain and Land Titles, Improved Analytics, and Decentralization • Blockchain Capital Markets Initiatives Continue Across the Globe • Canadian Exchange Claims Lost ‘Cold Storage’ Funds Amid Fraud Allegations • Scams, Hacks and Illicit Financing: Blockchain Threats Continue to Abound • SIM Swapping Hackers Convicted, Philippines Introduces New … Continue Reading

NY BitLicense Approval, Blockchain for Energy Commodities, CFTC Enforcement, Advertising Use Cases and More

In this issue: • New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments and BAT on Coinbase • Blockchain Platform for Energy Commodities Announced in U.S., Restrictions Ease in Foreign Markets • CFTC and State Securities Enforcement, Litigation Developments and Fraud Schemes • More Blockchain Uses for Digital Advertisers, Software Licensees and Marine Insurers New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments … Continue Reading

Maersk Pilot Goes Live, Cyberthefts and Enforcement Actions Continue Across Globe

In this issue: • New Waters Charted for Blockchain in Marine Insurance • Cyber-hacks Continue to Plague Cryptocurrency Industry • New Enforcement Actions in the U.S. and Abroad New Waters Charted for Blockchain in Marine Insurance By: John C. McIlwee In a first-of-its-kind blockchain-enabled solution for the marine hull insurance industry, Insurwave promises to automate manual processes … Continue Reading