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Ethereum Fork Successful, Solutions Target Sneakers and Browsers, EU and NY Consider Regulations, Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Ethereum Fork Implemented, Exchanges Expand Services, New Bitcoin Network Data • Enterprise Developments in Sneakers, Browsers, Copyrights and Private-Public Blockchain Integration • EU and NY Consider New Crypto Regulations, AML Report Published and Tools Debut • Enforcement Actions Target ICO Fraud and Ponzi Schemes, Assets Retrieved From Hacked Exchange Ethereum Fork … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots Move Forward in Food Supply Chain, Land Registries and Buying Coffee with Crypto; Regulators Grant Approvals and Continue Enforcement

In this issue: • Coffee Conglomerate Set to Accept Bitcoin in 2020 as Cryptocurrency Adoption Continues to Rise • Blockchain Capital Markets Firms Achieve New Approvals in US and Abroad • Blockchains Take Another Bite Into Food Tracking; Land Registry Pilot Takes Off in Latin America • US Agencies Join Global Innovation Network, Crypto Enforcement … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots from US Treasury, Seafood Providers, Voting Systems; Global Regulators Address Stablecoin Risks

In this issue: • US Treasury Announces Blockchain Pilot, Major Bitcoin Mining Facility Launches in Texas, Foreign Crypto Exchange Developments • More Blockchain Solutions for Food Safety and Telecom; Utah Voting Pilot Expands • Regulators Address Stablecoins, CFTC and IRS Rules; Telegram Network Postponed • New Crypto-Mining Malware Discovered in Audio Files US Treasury Announces … Continue Reading

Blockchain Announcements in Supply Chain, Genomics, IoT, Trade Finance and Bitcoin Futures; More SEC ICO Enforcement

In this issue: • From Cattle to Coffee to Cannabis: Enterprises Continue to Test Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions • Enterprise Report Published, New Pilots Announced for Copyright, Genomics and IoT • Financial Institutions Continue Blockchain Pilots, Physical Bitcoin Futures Launch • SEC Brings Charges for ICO Fraud, DOJ Indicts Hackers, Regulatory Reports Published From Cattle … Continue Reading

Details on Major New Cryptocurrency Announced, Enterprise Pilots and Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Libra Cryptocurrency Plans Released, Crypto Exchanges and Payment Options Expand • Blockchain Ripples Into Incumbent Financial Institutions in the U.S. and Abroad • Blockchain to Enhance Drug and Seafood Supply Chains, Energy and Insurance Sectors • U.S. Enforcement Actions Target Cryptocurrency Fraud Schemes and Darknet Markets • Details Emerge on QuadrigaCX … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Cryptocurrencies, Enterprise Solutions, New Regulations, SEC Enforcement, Crypto-Mining Malware and More

In this issue: • Stablecoin Activity Heats Up, Bitcoin’s Speculation Problem and Other Payments News • Advancements in Blockchain Solutions for Pharma Supply Chain, Aircraft Parts, Insurance, Identity and Data Privacy • Crypto-Asset Regulatory Frameworks Develop in Europe, Japan, Australia and Malaysia • Cracking Down on Crypto Around the World • New Crypto-Mining Malware Attacks, … Continue Reading

Race to Build Crypto Payment Systems and Blockchain Solutions Continues As Governments Continue to Fight Crypto Crimes

In this issue: • Industry Initiatives Indicate Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency Payments • Pilots Target Energy Grids and Garments, Blockchain Patent Race Continues • Enforcement Actions Against Cryptocurrency Crimes Continue Across the Globe Industry Initiatives Indicate Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency Payments By: Robert A. Musiala Jr. Late last week, Reuters reported that “[s]everal of the … Continue Reading

Manipulation Detected on ‘DEXes,’ Regulations Develop, Industry Initiatives Advance, Hacks, Money Laundering and Enforcement Continue

In this issue: • Academics Detect Manipulation on ‘DEXes’ as Cryptocurrency Trading Expands • New Tokenized Securities Announced; Global Regulatory Regimes Develop • Food Supply Chain Initiatives Grow, Government Spending Expected to Rise, Blockchain Enterprise Tools Released • Crypto-Mining Malware, Dark Market Money Laundering, SIM Swap Hacks and FinCEN Enforcement Academics Detect Manipulation on ‘DEXes’ … Continue Reading

Blockchain Announcements Across Industries, Cryptocurrency Exchanges Receive Approvals, More Regulatory Actions, More Hacks and Crypto Malware Attacks

In this issue: • Adoption of Blockchain Solutions Spreads Across Industries • New Cryptocurrency Exchanges Receive Approvals in US and Foreign Jurisdictions • Enforcement and Regulatory Actions by the US, FATF, Mexico, Finland and Switzerland • Hacking the Dragon; Lazarus Returns; and Other Cryptocurrency Threats Adoption of Blockchain Solutions Spreads Across Industries By: Alexandra Royal … Continue Reading

New Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Reporting Tools, International Developments, and Crypto Crime Reports

In this Issue: • New Cryptocurrencies Announced, Difficulties Integrating Crypto With Banks Persist • International Market Developments, New Blockchain Reporting Tools Announced • Updates on QuadrigaCX, New Reports on Crypto Crimes From Public and Private Sectors New Cryptocurrencies Announced, Difficulties Integrating Crypto With Banks Persist By: Simone O. Otenaike According to recent reports, a leading … Continue Reading

Blockchain for NASA and IoT, Developments in Crypto Products and Payments, Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked

In this issue: • The Blockchain Effect: NASA, IoT, Supply Chain and State Initiatives • Blockchain Announcements From Traditional Financial Institutions and Emerging Platforms • Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Payment Providers Announce New Products • Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked, Crypto-Malware and Wallet Vulnerabilities Exposed • International Regulators Target Cryptocurrency Exchanges, ICOs and Tax Compliance • Tax Analysis: … Continue Reading

New Blockchain Products, an FBI Raid, the $11 Billion Bitcoin Case, Hackers Strike With a 51 Percent Attack and Crypto Tax Analysis

In this issue: • New Cryptocurrency Financial Products and Platforms Announced • An FBI Raid, the $11 Billion Bitcoin Case, and Other Enforcement and Regulatory Actions in the U.S. and Abroad • Hackers Strike With 51 Percent Attack and Crypto-Mining Malware • Tax Analysis: Token Taxonomy Act Would Allow Tax-Free Exchanges of Virtual Currencies • … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Government and Transport Sector Solutions, Legislation, Payment Applications and Global Enforcement Actions

In this issue: • Blockchain Transport Applications, Public Sector Initiatives, Protocol and Market Developments • Capital Markets Initiatives Continue as US Congress Issues New Research and Two New Bills • Blockchain Payments Networks Evolve, New Cryptocurrency Exchange Lands in US • SEC Achieves Settlements, FATF Evaluates UK, Regulator Actions in Denmark and New Zealand • Tax Analysis: Securitized Tokens Backed … Continue Reading

NY BitLicense Approval, Blockchain for Energy Commodities, CFTC Enforcement, Advertising Use Cases and More

In this issue: • New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments and BAT on Coinbase • Blockchain Platform for Energy Commodities Announced in U.S., Restrictions Ease in Foreign Markets • CFTC and State Securities Enforcement, Litigation Developments and Fraud Schemes • More Blockchain Uses for Digital Advertisers, Software Licensees and Marine Insurers New BitLicense Approval, Stablecoin Developments … Continue Reading

Global Blockchain Developments: Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Ethereum, New Foreign Regulatory Frameworks, Continued Enforcement Actions

In this issue: • Supply Chain and Banking Pilots Expand, Zero-Knowledge Proofs Meet Ethereum • Cryptocurrency Exchange Announcements, Malta Blockchain Laws Take Effect • Global Developments in Enforcement, Regulatory Frameworks and Court Rulings Supply Chain and Banking Pilots Expand, Zero-Knowledge Proofs Meet Ethereum By: Jaime B. Petenko This week, a leading diamond mining company announced … Continue Reading

Global Blockchain Developments in Enforcement, Payments, ICOs and Enterprise

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Enforcement Actions Continue Across the Globe • Multiple Blockchain Announcements for Asset-Backed Tokens, Payments and Exchanges • Lawmakers Seek Clarity on ICOs as New Research Is Published • Enterprise Developments: Blockchain Interoperability, Supply Chain, Identity and More Cryptocurrency Enforcement Actions Continue Across the Globe By: Panida A. Pollawit  On Friday, … Continue Reading

Blockchain Investments and Pilots Continue, Enforcement Actions Persist

In this issue: • Public and Private Sectors Continue to Invest in Blockchain • Businesses Continue Investment in Blockchain Enterprise Solutions • Financial Services Sector Continues to Integrate Blockchain Amid Promise and Challenges • Enforcement Update: DOJ and Other Agencies Seize $20 Million in Cryptocurrencies Public and Private Sectors Continue to Invest in Blockchain By Simone O. Otenaike Earlier … Continue Reading

Maersk Pilot Goes Live, Cyberthefts and Enforcement Actions Continue Across Globe

In this issue: • New Waters Charted for Blockchain in Marine Insurance • Cyber-hacks Continue to Plague Cryptocurrency Industry • New Enforcement Actions in the U.S. and Abroad New Waters Charted for Blockchain in Marine Insurance By: John C. McIlwee In a first-of-its-kind blockchain-enabled solution for the marine hull insurance industry, Insurwave promises to automate manual processes … Continue Reading