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Blockchain Developments: Supply Chain, IDs, Financial Products, UN Warnings, Regulator Actions

In this issue: • New Blockchain Solutions Seek to Secure Tuna, Ports, Identity and Communications • Institutional Crypto Products and Blockchain Infrastructure Pilots Announced • Crypto Regulators Display Flexibility, Enforcement Agencies Flex Muscle • UN Addresses North Korea Crypto Hacks, Storage and Stablecoin Vulnerabilities Reported New Blockchain Solutions Seek to Secure Tuna, Ports, Identity and … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Government and Transport Sector Solutions, Legislation, Payment Applications and Global Enforcement Actions

In this issue: • Blockchain Transport Applications, Public Sector Initiatives, Protocol and Market Developments • Capital Markets Initiatives Continue as US Congress Issues New Research and Two New Bills • Blockchain Payments Networks Evolve, New Cryptocurrency Exchange Lands in US • SEC Achieves Settlements, FATF Evaluates UK, Regulator Actions in Denmark and New Zealand • Tax Analysis: Securitized Tokens Backed … Continue Reading

Risk and Regulation in AML/Tax, ICO Scrutiny, Provenance POCs

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Global Regulations Tighten as Financial Crime Risks Intensify • Global Tax Regimes Evolve With Varied Perspectives as Market Seeks Clarity • Latest Trends for ICOs: Success Rate and Government Scrutiny of ICO Scams • Blockchain Piloted to Trace Food, Art and Diamonds to Their Origins Cryptocurrency Global Regulations Tighten as … Continue Reading