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New Stablecoin and CBDC Developments, Blockchain Enterprise Initiatives Announced, Crypto Financial Services Firm Targeted by State Regulators

In this issue: • US Stablecoin Issuers Publish New Details on US Dollar Reserves • US Treasury, Bank of Canada and Academics Address Stablecoins and CBDCs • Australian and Georgian Governments Launch Blockchain Initiatives • Crypto Financial Services Firm Targeted by State Securities Regulators • SEC Enforcement Actions Target Cryptocurrency-Related Misrepresentations US Stablecoin Issuers Publish … Continue Reading

NFT Initiatives Continue, Blockchain Tracing Solutions Expand, SEC Targets ICO, Crypto Enforcement Data Published, Regulators Across Globe Address Crypto

In this issue: • NFT Initiatives Continue, Cryptocurrency Advertising Restrictions Ease • Blockchain Traceability Solutions Expand in Food, Shipping and Jewelry Sectors • SEC Settles ICO Fraud, US Crypto Enforcement Reaches $2.5 Billion • Regulators in Canada, UK and Portugal Address Cryptocurrency Market • China Crypto Crackdown Continues, South Korea Seizes Tax Evader Crypto NFT … Continue Reading

Reports Address CBDCs, Security Tokens; NFT Sales Continue; Blockchain Initiatives Announced; Regulators Address Crypto; SEC Targets ICO Fraud

In this issue: • Reports Address CBDCs and Security Tokens, Banks Launch Crypto Initiatives • NFT Sales Continue at Auction House, US Space Force and News Organization • Blockchain Initiatives Announced in Food, Automotive and IP Sectors • US Congress Members and Foreign Regulators Pursue Cryptocurrency Reforms • SEC Charges ICO Fraud, SEC/CFTC Warn Bitcoin … Continue Reading

Crypto Investment and Payment Products Launch, BiTA Platform Announced, SEC and OFAC Take Crypto Enforcement Actions, FCA Extends AML Exemption

In this issue: • Crypto Investment and Payments Products Launch, Payment Data Published • Acquisition Targets ‘Smart Agreements’ Tech, BiTA Platform Launched • SEC and OFAC Take Crypto Enforcement Actions, FCA Extends AML Exemption Crypto Investment and Payments Products Launch, Payment Data Published By: Veronica Reynolds Last week Securitize announced the launch of Securitize Capital, … Continue Reading

Reports Analyze Bitcoin Price, Energy Consumption; SEC Petitioned on NFTs, NFT Platform Sued; FDIC and FATF Focus on Crypto; Hacks and Fraud Continue

In this issue: • Reports Analyze Bitcoin Price Crash and Network Energy Consumption • SEC Petitioned on NFTs, NFT Platform Sued in Class Action as More NFTs Launch • FDIC Seeks Info on Crypto, FATF Focuses on DeFi, Payment Solutions Announced • Reports Cover Pipeline Ransomware, Crypto Schemes and DeFi Hacks Reports Analyze Bitcoin Price … Continue Reading

Crypto Firm Initiatives in CBDCs and Custody, GSA Auctions Bitcoin, Marketing Campaigns Integrate Crypto, ETFs Seek Approval, Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Crypto Firms Expand CBDC and Custody Initiatives, GSA Auctions Bitcoin • Token-Focused Marketing Campaigns Signal Rising Interest in Cryptocurrencies • ETFs Seek SEC Approval as Brazil Approves First ETF, FATF Updates Guidance • CFTC, Canadian Tax Agency and DOJ Continue Crypto Enforcement Activities Crypto Firms Expand CBDC and Custody Initiatives, GSA … Continue Reading

Crypto Financial Products Announced, MIT Seeks to Improve Bitcoin Codebase, SEC Addresses Digital Assets, DeFi Hacks Continue, Crypto Theft Data Published

In this issue: • Crypto Firms Launch New Services, MIT Seeks to Improve Bitcoin Codebase • Institutional Cryptocurrency Investment Products Advance, New Data Published • SEC Focuses on Digital Assets, DeFi Hacked, Crypto Theft Data Published Crypto Firms Launch New Services, MIT Seeks to Improve Bitcoin Codebase By Keith R. Murphy A San Francisco-based cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

Crypto Exchanges Announce Market Developments, US Report Addresses Crypto Tax, New DOJ and SEC Enforcement, Reports Detail Crypto Crimes

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Financial Firms Announce Market Developments • US Report Covers Crypto Tax Issues, Israeli Ruling Says Tokens Are Securities • DOJ, SEC and Europol Bring Various Cryptocurrency Enforcement Actions • Reports Provide Insights on Cryptocurrency Crimes and Darknet Activities Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Financial Firms Announce Market Developments By: Veronica … Continue Reading

FinCEN Proposed Rule Halted, Exchanges and Banks Expand Crypto Products, SEC Brings Action Against Token Issuer, Crypto Threat Reports Published

In this issue: • Exchanges and Banks Expand Cryptocurrency Services and Products • FinCEN Proposed Rule Halted, Banks and Crypto Exchanges Adjust Policies • SEC Brings Action Against SAFT and Token Issuer, Related Statement Published • Reports Provide Details on Criminal Activities Involving Cryptocurrencies Exchanges and Banks Expand Cryptocurrency Services and Products By: Jordan R. … Continue Reading

SEC Charges Ripple and Two Executives, Alleging XRP Is a Security

On Dec. 22, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC or the Commission) filed an action against Ripple Labs Inc. (Ripple or the Company) and two of its executives, alleging that they violated Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (Securities Act) by raising over $1.3 billion through an unregistered, ongoing securities … Continue Reading

SEC Wins Case Against Kik and Adds Precedent for Digital Assets

On Sept. 30, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York granted the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) motion for sum mary judgment against Kik Interactive Inc. (Kik) and denied Kik’s cross-motion for summary judgment. As we previously reported, the SEC challenged Kik’s compliance with the federal securities laws in … Continue Reading

Crypto Study Published, Bahamas To Launch CBDC, New Ethereum Solutions Announced, ATS Settlement Process Approved, SEC Defeats Kik, Singapore Exchange Hacked

In this issue: • Cryptoasset Study Published, Bahamas Launches CBDC, Zcash Service Announced • Ethereum Enterprise Solutions Announced, US Air Force Expands Blockchain Initiative • SEC Approves Digital Asset Settlement Process, Crypto Brokerage Registers in Canada • Court Rules in Favor of SEC in Kik Case, SEC Settles with Two More ICO Issuers • CFTC … Continue Reading

U.S. Crypto Exchange Approved as Wyoming Bank; Firms Integrate Blockchain for Data Management; Multiple Enforcement Actions by Treasury, SEC, DOJ and CFTC

In this issue: • U.S. Crypto Exchange Approved as Wyoming Bank, MSB Regulations to be Simplified • Auto, Mining and Financial Firms Integrate Blockchain for Data Management • OFAC, DOJ, IRS and FATF Take Various Actions Against Cryptocurrency Crimes • SEC Charges ICO Issuers, DOJ and CFTC Charge Defendants in Crypto Fraud Schemes • DOJ, … Continue Reading

Blockchain Payments Reports Published, Coffee and Shipping Industries Adopt Blockchain, SEC and CFTC Charge Blockchain App, Bitcoin Used in Social Media Hack

In this issue: • Monetary Authority of Singapore and World Bank Publish Blockchain Payments Reports • U.S. Coffee Brand and Foreign Shipping Ports Initiate Blockchain Solutions • SEC/CFTC Charge Blockchain App, DOJ Charges Allege Crypto Fraud Related to PPP • Hackers Use Bitcoin in Social Media Fraud, Research Highlights Crypto Threats Monetary Authority of Singapore … Continue Reading

Token Litigation Cases Reach Milestones, Stablecoins and CBDCs Gain Attention, CFTC Approves Guidelines for ‘Actual Delivery’ of Virtual Currency

In this issue: • Telegram, Kik and Tezos Cases Reach Milestones in Blockchain Token Litigation • Stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies Gain Attention • CFTC Approves Guidelines for Delivery of Virtual Currencies, Web Browser Integrates Cryptocurrency Trading Telegram, Kik and Tezos Cases Reach Milestones in Blockchain Token Litigation By Teresa Goody Guillén and Robert … Continue Reading

New US Exchange Launches, India Court Rules in Favor of Crypto Exchanges, OFAC Adds 20 Bitcoin Addresses, DOJ Charges Chinese Nationals for Crypto Money Laundering

In this issue: • Exchanges Expand in US and Gibraltar; India Supreme Court Ruling Favors Industry • Crypto Custody Report Published, Power Plant Installs Mining Operation • 20 Bitcoin Addresses Added to OFAC List, DOJ Charges Detail $100 Million Crypto Hack • SEC Charges Actor Steven Seagal With Unlawful Touting of a Digital Asset Offering … Continue Reading

Making Sense of the Telegram Case

Multiple Parties Weigh In as the Courts Consider Whether a Blockchain Token Is a Security Overview of the Telegram Case Telegram, a global messaging platform, was founded by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013.[1] The platform is popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts because of its libertarian roots, emphasis on privacy[2] and its group-chat feature, … Continue Reading

Blockchain 50 Published, Exchanges Expand Services, Enforcement Actions by SEC, CFTC and International Tax Authorities, Hacks Drive Losses

In this issue: • Forbes Publishes Blockchain 50, Cryptocurrency Exchanges Expand Services • SEC Settles Charges Involving ICO, CFTC Takes Action Against Crypto Investment Firm • Dutch Tax Authorities Make Arrests, IRS Summit to Address Cryptocurrencies • Manipulation, Hacks and System Errors Lead to Losses for Cryptocurrency Users and Exchanges Forbes Publishes Blockchain 50, Cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

SEC Commissioner Peirce Unveils ‘Token Safe Harbor Proposal’

On Feb. 6, during a speech at the International Blockchain Congress in Chicago, SEC Commissioner Hester M. Peirce unveiled a proposed “safe harbor” that would seek to provide an exemption from the registration requirements of the federal securities laws for blockchain tokens that meet certain criteria. Before discussing the details of her proposed safe harbor, … Continue Reading

Foreign Regulators Issue Approvals and Guidance, SEC Enforcement Continues, Blockchain Trade Groups File Amicus Briefs, Reports Detail Terrorist Financing Risks

In this issue: • New Approvals From European and Thai Regulators, Canada and WEF Publish Guidance • SEC Targets ICOs, IRS Updates Crypto FAQs, UK Tax Agency Seeks Blockchain Analytics Tool • Chamber of Digital Commerce and Blockchain Association Weigh In on SEC v. Telegram • Reports Address Cryptocurrency Terrorist Financing Risks New Approvals From … Continue Reading

Blockchain Solutions Announced Across Industries, Crypto Threat Warnings Announced Across Agencies

In this issue: • Blockchain Developments in Olive Oil, Shipping, Media and Real Estate • Warnings on SIM Swapping and IEOs, New Research on Crypto Money Laundering Blockchain Developments in Olive Oil, Shipping, Media and Real Estate By: Jordan R. Silversmith On Jan. 14, one of the largest producers of olive oil in the Mediterranean … Continue Reading

Ethereum Fork Successful, Solutions Target Sneakers and Browsers, EU and NY Consider Regulations, Enforcement Actions Continue

In this issue: • Ethereum Fork Implemented, Exchanges Expand Services, New Bitcoin Network Data • Enterprise Developments in Sneakers, Browsers, Copyrights and Private-Public Blockchain Integration • EU and NY Consider New Crypto Regulations, AML Report Published and Tools Debut • Enforcement Actions Target ICO Fraud and Ponzi Schemes, Assets Retrieved From Hacked Exchange Ethereum Fork … Continue Reading

Invoices Paid on Ethereum, FINRA Application Approved, SEC/ICO Enforcement, Industry Launches Compliance Initiative

In this issue: • Smart Contracts Deployed by Icelandic Retailer, Blockchain for Sneakers and DHS • Cryptocurrency Service Providers Target Mainstream Investors, FINRA Application Approved • SEC, DOJ and State Agency Enforcement Actions for ICOs and Crypto Fraud Schemes • Regulatory Problems and Solutions in the Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Arena Smart Contracts Deployed by … Continue Reading

Blockchain Announcements in Supply Chain, Genomics, IoT, Trade Finance and Bitcoin Futures; More SEC ICO Enforcement

In this issue: • From Cattle to Coffee to Cannabis: Enterprises Continue to Test Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions • Enterprise Report Published, New Pilots Announced for Copyright, Genomics and IoT • Financial Institutions Continue Blockchain Pilots, Physical Bitcoin Futures Launch • SEC Brings Charges for ICO Fraud, DOJ Indicts Hackers, Regulatory Reports Published From Cattle … Continue Reading