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OCC Clarifies Status of Stablecoins, US Agencies Procure Blockchain Applications, Solutions Launch on Hedera Hashgraph and VeChain, DOJ Targets Darknet Markets

In this issue: • OCC Clarifies Status of Stablecoins, Registration Statement Filed for Network Token • US Government Procures Blockchain Solutions, Blockchain Patent Study Published • Hedera Hashgraph Transactions Pass Ethereum, VeChain Supports Food Traceability • DOJ Announces Major Enforcement Action Against Darknet Markets OCC Clarifies Status of Stablecoins, Registration Statement Filed for Network Token … Continue Reading

Market Developments in Stablecoins, Crypto Loans, Metals/Minerals Supply Chains and More; NY DFS Publishes Crypto “Greenlist”; DOJ Seizes Crypto Used in Terror Scheme

In this issue: • Market Actors Focus on Stablecoins, Crypto-Backed Loans and Real Estate Transactions • Blockchain Announcements in Metals/Minerals, Shipping and Food Supply Chains • NY DFS Publishes Crypto Greenlist, European Guidance Addresses Accounting/Evidence • US DOJ Announces Massive Seizure of Cryptocurrency Related to Terrorist Financing Market Actors Focus on Stablecoins, Crypto-Backed Loans and … Continue Reading

Crypto Payment Products Show Gains, Blockchain Initiatives Announced for COVID-19 Data, Regulators Consider Blockchain Issues, Ethereum Classic Suffers 51% Attack

In this issue: • Announcements Provide Details on New Cryptocurrency Payment Products • Blockchain Use in COVID-19 Data, Food, Beverage Bottles and Wine Supply Chains • Regulators Consider Blockchain Issues in Tax, Banking, Securities and State Services • DOJ Targets Hackers and Darknet Vendors, Ethereum Classic Suffers “51% Attack” Announcements Provide Details on New Cryptocurrency … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Food Supply Chain, Shipping, M&A, Trading Platforms, Regulator Actions, Private Lawsuits, Foreign Laws, Malware, Hacks and More

In this issue: • Blockchain Developments in Food Supply Chain, Shipping Data and Project Best Practices • M&A Crypto Report Published, Blockchain Trading Platforms Make Announcements • New Crypto Legal Actions Brought by Federal, State, Private and Foreign Actors • Reports Highlight Crypto Threats to National Security, Banks, Malware and Hacks Blockchain Developments in Food … Continue Reading

Blockchain Developments: Crypto Custody and Payments, Supply Chain Pilots, Regulation and Enforcement

In this issue: • Cryptocurrency Custody, Payments and Mining Initiatives Announced • Blockchain Provenance and Authentication Solutions Emerging in Food and Manufacturing Markets • Recent Global Regulatory Developments in Digital Assets • U.S. and International Enforcement Agencies Take Action Against Crypto Crimes • Crypto Tax Update: Foreign Accounts, Like-Kind Exchanges, Software Uptick Cryptocurrency Custody, Payments … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots Move Forward in Food Supply Chain, Land Registries and Buying Coffee with Crypto; Regulators Grant Approvals and Continue Enforcement

In this issue: • Coffee Conglomerate Set to Accept Bitcoin in 2020 as Cryptocurrency Adoption Continues to Rise • Blockchain Capital Markets Firms Achieve New Approvals in US and Abroad • Blockchains Take Another Bite Into Food Tracking; Land Registry Pilot Takes Off in Latin America • US Agencies Join Global Innovation Network, Crypto Enforcement … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots from US Treasury, Seafood Providers, Voting Systems; Global Regulators Address Stablecoin Risks

In this issue: • US Treasury Announces Blockchain Pilot, Major Bitcoin Mining Facility Launches in Texas, Foreign Crypto Exchange Developments • More Blockchain Solutions for Food Safety and Telecom; Utah Voting Pilot Expands • Regulators Address Stablecoins, CFTC and IRS Rules; Telegram Network Postponed • New Crypto-Mining Malware Discovered in Audio Files US Treasury Announces … Continue Reading