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Blockchain Solutions Announced for Financial Services and Supply Chain, ICO Enforcement Actions Continue at State and Federal Levels

In this issue: • Blockchain Payment Solutions, Patents and Market Data Announced • Blockchain Supply Chain Pilots Announced Across Industries, New Studies Published • ICO Enforcement Actions Continue Amid Tax Bill, Senate Hearing and UN Report Blockchain Payment Solutions, Patents and Market Data Announced By: Diana J. Stern Late last week, a major U.S. financial … Continue Reading

Blockchain Pilots Announced, Global Laws Evolve, Exchanges and Payment Processors Make News, Enforcement and Threats Continue

In this issue: • New Blockchain Projects Announced in Supply Chain and Digital Identity • Blockchain Legal Frameworks Continue to Evolve in the US and Abroad • Headlines From Bitcoin Payment Processors, Decentralized Exchanges and Tokenized Real Estate • More Guidance on ICO Tokens as Securities, Crypto Fraud and Hacked Bitcoins Returned • Cryptocurrency-Related Crime … Continue Reading

Ohio Accepting Bitcoin for Taxes, Multiple SEC and Financial Crime Developments, New Blockchain Capital Markets and Enterprise Initiatives

In this issue: • Satisfying Tax and Other Liabilities With Cryptocurrency • New SEC ICO Enforcement and Developments on Unregistered Securities, Fraud, Promotions and the Howey Test • International Crypto Crime Developments, OFAC Lists Bitcoin Addresses, Cyberattacks and Fraud Schemes Uncovered • Cryptocurrencies Continue to Permeate Capital Markets as Blockchain Permeates Settlement Systems • Blockchain … Continue Reading